A comprehensive guide to purchasing jewellery online


You may be wondering, "How can I trust buying jewellery online?"

Will I receive the jewellery items?

How can I be sure of what I'm purchasing?

How can I feel confident in the credibility of this business?

This blog is to give potential purchasers a better sense of what to look for when considering buying a jewellery piece online.

Before making an online purchase, here are a few things to consider.

To begin with, confirm that the seller is a reputable online business with a physical location and a business that offers friendly and efficient customer support.

Second, if the item is in stock (i.e., available for immediate purchase), you can ask customer care to provide you a picture of jewellery piece so you can verify that it is genuine and already in existence. This will increase your level of confidence.

Additional things to look for include:

  • The certification of the jewellery item or the jewellery item's centre stone.
  • That a valuation certificate will be provided in case you decide to add it to your insurance.
  • Review the return policy of the business.
  • Shipment policies (So that you are informed of how long shipping will take, regardless of whether the item is in stock or not.
  • Confirm that the company you are purchasing from is a member of one of the many international jewellery associations. Typically, a company will join the group that operates in its nation, such as The Jewellery Council of South Africa.
  • Look at their Google reviews. Google reviews are a very reliable source because a company cannot delete negative ratings, so you will always know what previous customers thought of a business.


    Even virtual appointments are now offered by several businesses. Another excellent option to get to know the business you are buying from is to book a virtual appointment. Book a virtual appointment with us here. 

    To conclude, what we should remember is, people ultimately want to buy from other people, so it's good to know who you are buying from and that they will provide all the necessary items that go along with a jewellery purchase.

    Happy Shopping!!

    Monique - Sales Manager

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