Diamond Jewellery - The Ultimate South African Art Piece

Much like art, jewellery is a very subjective choice. Everyone’s idea of beautiful differs vastly, some find beauty in simplicity while for others its in the detail. Thus, jewellery much like art expresses your individual style and taste.
South Africa is world renowned for its diamonds and rich metals, and thus what better South African art piece than a beautiful piece of jewellery. Much like art diamonds and gold appreciate in value over time with the added benefit that you can take it anywhere and flaunt it everywhere.
Making it an investment as well as an expression of your individual style.
At First Lady Diamonds we offer you a large variety of designs from simple everyday fashionable pieces to extravagant art pieces set with both Diamonds and Tanzanite, Africa’s unique blue gem.
Looking for something clean classic and elegant for your daily winter wardrobe?
Warm coloured metals with a touch of sparkle, worn individually or stacked to create your own unique look is all the range this winter. Like this yellow gold paperclip chain matched with a plain yellow gold band and a classic yellow gold and diamond pressure set ring.
Or are you daring and bold and looking for an extravagant one of a kind showpiece?
 This one of a kind beauty is made with a rare 3.52ct Fancy Brown Yellowish center stone, set in White and Rose gold and complimented by an intricate setting of white round brilliant cut diamonds
Looking for something to compliment your existing jewellery?
Why not look at our range of bands, available in White, yellow, and rose gold there is a band to suite almost everyone’s individual style. From minimalistic gold bands to full eternity bands in various sizes and even unique designer bands set with hidden diamonds.
Thus jewellery is truly an artform you can make your own, we create the pieces but you are the canvas they are displayed on.
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