Buying an engagement ring shouldn't be a daunting task...

We understand that buying an engagement ring is a big step and it might seem like a daunting task but we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Keep in mind there is a perfect engagement ring for everyone and every budget.

So where to start?

Firstly set a budget for yourself on how much you are willing to spend, we will make sure to get you the best possible ring within this budget.

Secondly look at a design you and/or your future bride would like. If you don't have an idea don't worry we are here to help.

We will then offer you a few options within your budget and design and explain the differences between the various diamond options and how it affects the price

Decide what you and your other half value more, size or quality. There is no wrong answer here and there is also the option to settle in the middle. Some ladies would prefer a slightly larger stone with slight unseen imperfections whilst other value the purity of high quality diamond. Diamond prices are affected by a variety of factors called the 4C's Carat weight, Colour, Clarity and Cut which we would be happy to explain this to you in detail and how each factor affects the price of your diamond. Learn more about the 4C's from GIA here

Tip: If you have absolutely no clue what your other half would love, its always safer to go for something simple and classic. Spend your budget on getting the best possible diamond instead of on the design and manufacturing.

This way your fiancé can always redesign her own ring should she choose.

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