11 Different shapes of Diamonds: Which one is right for you?

Diamond Shapes

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, colours and clarities. The shape refers to the appearance of the stone. In other words, which shape the diamond is cut in. Traditionally round brilliant diamonds are the most popular but First Lady Diamonds South Africa offers a wide range of diamond shapes including cushion diamonds, marquise diamonds, pear diamonds, oval diamonds and more. This article will give you more information on the various shapes of diamonds to help you decide? 


ROUND BRILLIANT CUT DIAMONDSRound brilliant cut halo ring

The most popular cut for a diamond has always been the Round Brilliant cut diamond. It is the diamonds that we see in almost all diamond jewellery pieces. it is the perfect shape for a classic solitaire diamond ring and also the diamond shape used for small enhancement diamonds to any design. The symmetry and proportions of these diamonds are what make them sparkle and shine bright.



Not only will selecting a fancy shape diamond make your jewellery piece unique, fancy shaped diamonds are also generally less expensive than round brilliant cut diamonds, so what are the different shapes of diamonds?


PRINCESS CUT DIAMONDSPrincess Cut Solitaire ring

The Princess Shape has always been a classic, elegant shape yet the sharp corners and edges give the diamonds a modern edge that enchants and captivates.

Princess cut diamonds are extremely versatile and can be set in a large variety of settings from elegant solitaires or as modern trilogy rings and this stone even looks great with a square diamond halo.


CUSHION CUT DIAMONDSSplit shank cushion cut halo ring

Cushion diamonds can almost be described as a mix of round and princess cut diamonds, not as round as a round brilliant but cut diamonds, but also not as square as the princess cut. The corners of this diamond shape have been rounded. This creates a soft look perfect for vintage styles such as Art Deco. In recent years they have become very popular as unique engagement rings set in a solitaire setting or enhanced with a halo of diamonds.



Emerald Cut Trilogy Ring

This cut was the first cut to be incorporated in jewellery, unlike round brilliant cut diamonds emerald cut diamonds have a step cut with longer clean facets. making this a perfect choice for contemporary designs.


RADIANT CUT DIAMONDSRadiant Cut Engagement ring

Beautiful and dramatic, these diamonds are available in square or rectangular. This hybrid shape combines the brilliance and depth of a round, emerald, and princess shape diamonds .


OVAL DIAMONDSOval Trilogy Ring

This antique looking diamond offers the sparkle of a round brilliant cut diamond but with a more unique and vintage look. Oval diamonds were originally used for antique pieces such as Victorian jewellery because they looked less square, These cut has increased in popularity over the last few years.


ASCHER CUT DIAMONDSAscher Cut Diamond ring

This diamond shape is very similar to the emerald cut diamonds except for its length, which is much shorter. This type of diamond looks great in rings and pendants because it offers unique, clean straight lines.


PEAR SHAPED DIAMONDSPear shaped Diamond Ring

Also called a teardrop shape, this is the perfect choice for a diamond if you are looking for something modern but with a vintage feel. Pear-shaped diamonds are slender and elegant but still offer enough sparkle for modern pieces. Perfect for detailed jewellery pieces or modern solitaire pieces.


MARQUISE DIAMONDSMarquise Diamond Ring

This beautiful elongated shape of the marquise diamond offers a unique look, these diamonds are long and slender with pointed ends. The marquise diamond looks stunning when set in almost any jewellery piece, from Unique rings to bracelets and even in earrings because it gives them an extra touch of glamour and a unique appearance.


TRILLIANT DIAMONDSTrilliant Cut Diamond Ring

These triangle-shaped diamonds are a unique blend of vintage and modern. These diamonds are often a side or accent stone, that provides stunning brilliance and fire. As a solitaire, it makes a bold and dramatic statement.


HEART SHAPED DIAMONDSHeart Shaped Diamond Ring

The Heart Shape is a rare and symbolic shape. The ultimate romantic choice – and an ideal way to be simultaneously in love and in style.


Now that you know a bit more about what diamond shapes are available visit our shop to see the large range of jewellery pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes. For unique custom designs please contact us at sales@firstladydiamonds.com

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